I Tekno

I Tekno Positiv

The “I Tekno Positiv” project is the fruit of a cooperation between three establishments, one French, one Croatian, and one Italian high school that specialize in business management.

The hope is that the students enrolled in their Technological schools will be able to participate in a project that focuses on discovering the societal role companies play in Europe by visiting these same businesses.

Essentially, the partner schools noticed several things. First, to foster the acquisition by their students of the necessary skills to remain competitive in the 21st century, they needed to have a more European and international perspective. Secondly, because of their socio-economic backgrounds, pupils enroled in their technological highschools had a limited access to international perspectives. Thirdly, the KA229 projects offered to their schools often had little to do with the technical study of business management that the students were studying (such as business strategies, marketing, supply chain mangement…).

This project is funded by the European Commission, thanks to the Erasmus Plus program.

Grâce au financement de la commission européenne à travers le programme Erasmus Plus, les lycéens de STMG et d’enseignement général ont réalisé avec leurs camarades craotes et italiens un documentaire sur la Responsabilité Sociale des Entreprises en Europe. Le lycée Teilhard de Chardin remercie vivement les entreprises Essilor, Institut de la Soudure et Septodont de leur participation.

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